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UnFuckIt Discussion, July 7 2021

Another crazy week in ClownWorld!!!  Didja hear about US troops abandoning their base in Afghanistan and sneeking off into the night without even telling the Afghan Command that they were leaving?  Didja hear about the looters who charged onto the base the moment the US Military turned off the lights and stole everything?  Didja know that the US Military has a long history of just abandoning all their equipment, gear, armaments, ammo, vehicles (yes, including tanks and armored personnel carriers), communication equipment, etc… when they leave an occupied country? Remember Iraq?  Remember how suddenly “the terrorists” had all that nice spanky new equipment suddenly?  …and that’s just the first few minutes of the discussion! Yea…. it’s been THAT kinda week!

EDITED TO ADD:  The pocketnet video, below, will only play in Chrome at the moment



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Did they sell that to taliban on eBay on way out?