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UnFuckIt Discussion, March 18 2020

Oh the Insanity!!

The world around us has gone crazy, but it’s up to us to keep the sanity around us within our own personal reality.  Last nights discussion focused on the positive aspects of the craziness is currently sweeping the world- keeping rational and calm is the best way to move forward and actually CHANGE our personal reality and bring stability to our homes during a time where the media and alt media are pushing FEAR & CRISIS.  Please check out the links below to my latest articles and shows for more information about what is going on in the world, how to prepare for what’s happening right now, and taking responsibility for the health and welfare of our selves and our families.




…. and for those of you who don’t watch Supernatural: “Chuck” is God!!


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Transpicuous News, March 18 2020

Transpicuous News: Global Update for the past 48 hours