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UnFuckIt Discussion, Oct 19 2020

Sorry for the delay in publishing darlins…it’s been one of those weeks!!!  Another excellent discussion with the UnFuckers on all sorts of topics from political, to financial, to WTAF is going on. As a further update on the COVID lockdowns- Ireland has just been put into stage 5 lockdown for 8 weeks, and as of this Friday at 6pm, Wales is locking down their borders to England- no one in or out!!




This is the email that the guy was reading on the video that I discussed during the show- about the “debt reset” in Canada… below is the REDIT post with the email and below that is an embedded PDF of the same email (I’m doubling up on this one as I don’t want it to suddenly “disappear”)

leaked email from liberal party of canada lays out the plan_ very concerning. _ conspiracy