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UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 5th 2018


I should open these discussions just holding a big sign that says “WTAF?!”

Insanity is the new norm.  CERN had an “oopsie” on Tuesday- we have no idea what happened and they ain’t sayin’ nuthin’. Earths Magnetosphere has been insane to watch with our planet taking hit after hit…. and it’s not “solar” in origin.  We also dug into the topic of the massive uprisings in Europe, the difference between “organic” protests, and the “Soros” type of paid protests.  and the touchy topic of “Millennials” and the massive amount of programming, mind control, and bullshit they are under….

A huge call out to our Live Stream Audience last night!  Next show I’ll figure out a way to be able to watch the youtube live chat as well as the Zoom live chat 😀 Even if I have to get a second device going, lol!





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