You are currently viewing UnFuckIt Discussion July 31 2019- Prepping for whatever comes our way

UnFuckIt Discussion July 31 2019- Prepping for whatever comes our way

Last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion wasn’t live streamed and we had a more laid back conversation about “Prepping”.  My gut instincts have been telling me for the past few months that it’s time to get back into “prepper mode”, and not just because of an impending “massive disaster” either. We are seeing power black outs, smaller localized “disasters” that are causing food crop failures globally, political bullshittery that is teetering on the edge of full on global trade/economic/financial wars, and witnessing the breakdown of society/common sense across the board.  It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to be able to see that our planets weather patterns are radically changing and that geologically we’re seeing a huge increase in earthquakes and volcanoes, floods, and electrical/plasma based events.  “Being Prepared” isn’t about fear porn, its about being responsible for yourself and your family…. because you should have figured out by now that your government seriously can’t be counted on to do it for you.

As mentioned during the discussion, I run a Private Membership site called Unfuckers Unite. Being a member not only gives you access to join us live in the Zoom channel for shows and discussions, it also gives you full access to our Library- which houses thousands of books and documents on just about any topic you can imagine, from prepper/survivalist topics, to health, history, alternative energy, to a vast amount of fiction books too.  You can become a member for $5 a month or $50 a year.




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