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UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 14, 2020

Great, fast moving discussion that went all over the place today!  From discussing the wild Mandela Effect that showed up right after the Astrology 2.0 show on Saturday, to the latest COVID bullshittery and vaccine insanity, to the silence of the media on anything that might go against their (bought and paid for) narrative, to the entertainment industry, to the laughs over the latest news…. it’s all here!


Updates for the coming weeks of December:

  • Monday Dec 21 there will be NO UnFuckIt Discussion
  • Tuesday Dec 22 will be the UnFuckers Christmas Party for Members (this will not be released publicly)
  • Monday Dec 28 will be the UnFuckIt EurAsian edition at 10am GMT (no show at the usual 2pm) and we will get back to scheduling the EurAsian edition of UFI for the last Monday of every month.
  • To Be Scheduled: between Christmas and New Years Nick will be hosting a discussion about Cryptocurrencies, going through basic “How To’s” – this will be available only to Members.
  • To be Scheduled: a round table discussion about DaVinci’s “Last Supper”

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