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UnFuckIt Discussion, Oct 3 2018

A brilliant discussion last night with the UnFuckers, centered mostly around health and healing, the quantum effect of consciousness and “intent”, C60 fullerenes and the interview with Anthony Peake talking about “buckyballs” and the double slit experiment (ground breaking research- video below!), and healing modalities and removing our self/ego and allowing energy and healing to flow where it’s needed without directing it.  We discussed the responsibilities we all must take for ourselves and the mirror effect in a society that is continuously promoting non-responsibility and victimization.

After the live stream closed, we continued discussing several topics during the after show, including mandela effects of history, the “Internet” vs “www” and the control mechanisms that are being used to track and limit our internet usage.  The aftershow discussion is available to unfuckerunite members.  To become a member, please register at:


I launched my newest C60 product this weekend:  Reset, the fixer elixir!!


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