UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 3 2022

World Civil War I

What does a Global Revolution look like?  With everything we’ve seen and experienced over the past 2 years (cough *decade* cough), I think we can safely hypothesize that “THEY” are trying to push humanity into full on revolt.  Never before has humanity been inundated from all sides with the unbelievable gross fraud and corruption that we’ve been living through for the past few years.  It is obvious that “THEY” are pushing the people into rising up against them…. which of course is the excuse they need to clamp down on humanity, putting the world into full on martial law, and moving forward with their “New World Order” and globalist agenda:  you will own nothing and you will be happy.

I know that we all have our moments of wistful daydreams of burning it all down… but the reality of it is that THAT is exactly what they want.

So…. What does a Global Revolution that WE control look like?

Last night on the UnFuckIT Discussion, we talked about latest insanity that is trying to crush us, and we discussed some of the seemingly “good” ideas that are being pushed throughout the “truther” &  “freedom” groups around the world.  Things like: “Don’t pay your taxes!”  and “Stop paying your Utilities!”.  These type of reactions, on the surface, look like a great idea, but the reality of it is, not only will they do nothing to harm the corporations (When a utility company announces that it made $10 Billion dollars this quarter, your 100 bucks isn’t going to make a dent, not even if 100,000 people refused to pay), they will be used as weapons AGAINST those people. What can WE do to revolt against the Powers That Be, that WE can control? What can WE do that will not harm our selves, families and communities, and will have the most positive impact on our lives?  That was a major topic of the second half of our discussion last night.






Huge thank you to Ben for this NDRI bio-regional Organization  chart that I’ve been talking about for ages