UnFuckIt Discussion Aug 21 2019

I opened up last nights giving a geomagnetic update, and talking about the wildfires that are blazing around the world at the moment.  A good portion of last nights discussion revolved around the topic of “community” and the current “feeling” that it seems a lot of people are getting: get out of the cities and into the countryside!  I’d like to hear from Viewers about how they are feeling at the moment, so please leave your comments on the Youtube video!!

After the Live Stream Show ended, the UnFuckers stuck around and got into a very interesting discussion.  The AfterShow discussion will be available later today for Private members at UnFuckerunite.com

Reminder: It is Hemp Seed Oil month at Gaea’s Gardens and we have an extra special promotion on just for members of unfuckersunite.com and GG’s Private membership!





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UnFuckIt Discussion July 31 2019- Prepping for whatever comes our way





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