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Transpicuous Views July 30 2017: The Unified Theory of WTF

The Unified Theory of WTF?

Last night we went deeper down the WTF rabbit hole and I tossed out a theory from way off in left field- again, looking at the “We are living in a computer simulation”.  Is this the Unified Theory that explains all the fuckery we are now seeing in every aspect of our current “existence”?

We opened the conversation talking about the “mind reading” episodes that we’ve seen ramping up.  Those instances when you’ve spoken about something, and the next thing you see, is exactly what you were talking about showing up on google ads, youtube videos, facebook ads etc…. This is something that almost everyone has experienced on some level, but recently this has jumped to a WHOLE new level!!  This discussion was triggered by a post in the UnFuckers group that literally blew my mind and led directly to this conversation last night.

You’re NOT going to believe this! Last night, I was dreaming that a friend was visiting me, and I told him that we should take a road trip to Wasaga Beach. Dani, you probably know this place. I have never been. LOOK WHAT FACEBOOK POSTED IN MY NEWS FEED!!!!! I live in Ottawa!!! THIS is the most disturbing thing I’ve experienced!  I have NEVER mentioned Wasaga Beach ever. All that I know of Wasaga beach is that, back in the 70s, my neighbors used to go to Wasaga Beach every Summer. I remember wishing, back then, that I could go with them sometime.

Friday night in my dream, I said to my friend, “We should take a road trip to Wasaga Beach.”, and my dream continued for example then we had lunch, went for a walk, took a dip in the pool …

Wasaga Beach has NEVER been thought of since the 70s. It just happen to pop into my dream for 3 seconds.

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Another experience that was shared, was again, someone having a thought, and NOT speaking it out loud at all, and it appearing instantly in front of him:

(this) is what I call Sinead O’Connor effect  semi-jokingly  I spoke to My sister last year on skype and I saw that She shaved Her head and physically resembling Sinead O’Connor She then looked even more like Sinead O’Connor  so I did think that but never, never, I know never actually said that, only thought (it)
10 minutes later I open Youtube thinking I wanna watch something. The first suggestion in the first row in Youtube is Sinead O’Connor video and I had not listen to Sinead O’Connor to that moment for about a year at least … 


And we’re hearing another twist to this, that also implies direct manipulation of reality:

 We’ve had this many times with our phones, noticed it last summer, talking about something and it would appear. The craziest thing was my wife and her friend were swimming in the pool out in the yard, away from all electronics. They were randomly having a joking conversation about possums. Possums aren’t regular visitors to our yard. That night my wife opened the back door to let the dogs out and heard growling. She looked out to see, you guessed it, a possum on the porch!!!

Another example:

 Just happened this week, I was lighting my favorite bed bath candle, the next day my Facebook feed is filled with ads promoting that specific scent! The candle was gifted to me. No digital attachment to the item. Freaked me the fuck out! This seems to be happening more frequently of late too.


Soooo…. Last night I laid out yet another wild theory on this “simulated reality”- a sort of “Unified Theory” of all the “WTF”‘ery we are witnessing in our reality around us…..


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