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Transpicuous News, Jan 5 2018: Money in your Pocket

Welcome to 2018 my friends!  The perceived “New Year” seems to be starting off with a bang that’s for sure.  I decided to do a quick Transpicuous News update on a story that came out two days ago.  I couldn’t get to it immediately… but another video posted this morning in the UnFuckers group inspired me to put aside rebuilding websites and get my thoughts out on the subject.

What is “economic wealth”? What is “economic stability”? Well, it certainly isn’t what the governments and banks and Wall Street dicksters want you to believe, that’s for certain!  Since 2011, Nick and I have talked about the fact that the “economy” is not measurable by “GDPs” or a country’s “assets” or “debts”.  It is measurable by the money in the pockets of the people.  That’s it.  In our first 2018 episode of Transpicuous News, I discuss the “money in our pockets”, Crypto Currencies, the philosophical conundrum of being perhaps… too philosophical, and how I really did buy my kids shoes by investing in flour and peanut butter!

What it does come down to, in my opinion, is that in this moment of time, we have to do what we can to look after ourselves and our families, because in this reality if we don’t… no one else will.  Yes we know the banksters and governments are trying to get involved in bitcoin and blockChain- even going so far as to set up their OWN cryptocurrencies like Ripple to try and get in on the action. Yet these same banks are now realizing that the “common people” (ie: us plebeians) are making… *gasp* money off of BitCoin etal and are now trying to stop it (like Maltese banks stopping people from transferring money into bitcoin exchanges, and Australian banks freezing accounts of people who are transacting into BitCoin…)…

Right out of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, the fiat currencies- ie: dollars, euros yen etc… are meant to be hoarded, BY THEM. Thus reducing the masses to starving homeless automatons, begging for THEM for some crumbs off the table. The quintessential “They” don’t like it when the people can look after themselves and are self sufficient. Regardless of our Philosophical views of reality, this IS the reality that we currently are in.




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