Transparency at Ted 2017…… *thud*

Two of the most ridiculous, asinine ideas EVER to come out of a TED Talk – 2017.  As I said on the UnFuckIt! Call last night, the very thought that someone, somewhere, thinks that these are good ideas, and that the media and public actually applaud…… is the very definition of INSANITY.

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Neuroscientist Wants To ‘Vaccinate’ Soldiers From PTSD

At TED2017, a neuroscientist named Rebecca Brachman has proposed the idea of drugging, or as she terms it “vaccinating,” our soldiers from post-traumatic stress disorder. And the crowd loved it.

The convention, which was held in Vancouver last week, featured an array of stunning proposals, including chemtrails.

Brachman proposes that we start giving our soldiers Ketamin, or as it is known on the street, “Special K.”

The Washington Post describes Brachman’s idea as “one of the biggest discoveries in mental health possibly since anti-depressants were developed in the 1950s.” Brachman says she isn’t trying “to make soldiers without empathy,” but to ‘vaccinate’ them from stresses found in combat. I’m not sure we want to go down that antidepressant road, again.

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Scientist Interrupts Vancouver Chemtrail Meeting And Stuns The

The tech world gathered at the 2017 TED talks in Vancouver. Multiple speakers got up on stage to give their opinions on the matter of geoengineering. If you thought geoengineering to be a conspiracy theory, then you should know this lunacy is now being discussed openly, as if it were already an accepted idea.

And in many ways, the idea of spraying the earth’s atmosphere with chemicals to thwart the sun, is very much so, “accepted science.” And companies are jumping on the chemtrail bandwagon in huge numbers.

Check out the below exchange between a computer theorist, who clearly has motivation by way of his company, Applied Invention.

According to Business Insider:

On Wednesday morning, computer theorist Danny Hillis got onstage and proposed a series of ideas for what he called a “thermostat to turn down the temperature of the earth.”

Hillis, the founding partner of tech innovation company Applied Invention, rattled off a number of geoengineering concepts that have popped up in recent years, including building giant parasols in space, putting fizzy water into the ocean, and sending chalk into the atmosphere so that it can reflect sunlight and theoretically cool down the earth.

“We’d have to put chalk up at a rate of 10 teragrams a year to undo the effects of CO2 we’ve already released,” he said. Here’s how he visualized that on stage:

“It would be like one hose for the entire Earth,” he said.

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