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RTS: The biggest Mandela Effect Ever?!?

Good morning my darlins!  Last Sunday during our latest UnFuckers Members Chat, I  discussed a Mandela Effect that I had just discovered …that literally blew my mind!!!  I’m still kinda reeling from this one, because the legal ramifications are pretty damn HUGE!!

So that Magna Carta document that everyone in the “Freedom” & “Truther” type groups has been going on and on about forever… you know, the one that gives “Rights” to the “Free Men” ?   That one that was signed by King John I and Pope Innocent III?   Apparently now, in this reality, the Magna Carta was ANNULLED by Pope Innocent III just 3 MONTHS after it was signed!  It’s does NOT exist in ANY “legal” sense of the word.


And the write ups, the articles and books are now saying that yes it was annulled, but that it was still used to set up centuries of Laws that followed.

In my opinion, this is the BIGGEST Mandela Effect we’ve ever experienced.