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The UnFuckIt Discussion: Winter is Coming, Oct 12 2022

With the latest news out of the Bank of England, this Friday may be a very interesting day to watch on the “financial” frontlines. The ball of poo called “The Global Financial” that is rolling down the hill, is seriously picking up steam and the ball of shit is picking up everything in it’s path and getting bigger and bigger.  Often the media uses the example of the “Great Depression” of 1929 as the posterchild to represent deep poverty and the “darkest of times”. What they aren’t saying at the moment is that our current global economy is now in WORSE shape than it was during “The Great Depression”…far far worse in fact.  Not just the comparison of “money lost”, but in inflation and the loss of buying power that any fiat currency carries, and most importantly:  Our society is no longer capable of dealing with this type of financial crash.


I’ve heard it said from many people/groups that this current global financial depression that we are entering into isn’t “that bad” and that it’s being promoted as fear porn.

“My grandparents survived “The Depression” just fine.  It wasn’t really THAT bad”…..

The problem with that idea, is that we do not live in the same society that our (great)grandparents lived in. That world of theirs no long exists. Our (great)grandparents lived in a world where people knew how to be self sufficient, they knew how to make their own food from scratch, they knew how to grow food, how to fix things, how to keep themselves warm when heating was not available, how to barter and trade with their neighbors, etc.  They KNEW their neighbors and actually lived in community neighborhoods, even if they lived in a city!  We now live in a world mostly populated by people who’ve grown up in a city, have no idea how to cook, how to sew, how to fix things themselves, how to grow their own food…. hell, most people wouldn’t know a potato plant if they fell face first into one!!! We live in a society of people who for GENERATIONS, have moved into a completely different world of grocery stores, Walmarts, frozen dinners, microwaves, and thermostats on a wall. They are completely reliant on technology for their “way of life”, and reliant on “modern” society/life to eat, drink, and be merry, and they have ZERO skills that are even remotely based on the reality of “survival”.

…. and THAT my friends, means that this new Global Depression, is going to be a LOT worse than anything our (great)grandparents lived through.



To give a “Hollywood” quasi enactment of our current situation in the Global Financial Circus, this is a MUST watch clip from the Movie The Margin Call from 2011