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UnFuckIt Special Discussion, Sept 4 2022

Last night our UnFucker’s Members Chat was turned into an UnFuckIt Discussion that I’m putting out publicly… a L O T of shit has happened this week!!!

There has been some interesting actions & announcements out of the Vatican in the past couple of weeks, and for me, a whole lot of dots are connecting.  Last night I laid out some of those dots for us to take a look at…. it seems a little to convenient that this is all happening at the same time.

Below is a ton of articles about the latest stupidity in the news, and a data dump of information on the main topics I talked about last night.



PS: We are STILL in a geomagnetic storm as of the morning of Sept 5th!

The Data Dump:


The latest News of Insanity:

Randal Carlson’s YouTube channel:

This is the first episode from his Atlantis series that Ben and I talked about towards the end of the show: