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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 9 2020

US election bullshittery starts off the discussion, triggering a Dani rant, followed by a Monty rant, and  a Nick quasi-rant, lol!  Lockdowns updates, the insanity of the media, the outright lies and fuckery of the governments….. holy flyin fuck on a stick!!!!!

As I announced at the end of the discussion, as of Saturday November 14th, I will be archiving and closing all of the groups on Facebook that I currently run, this includes the Unfuckers Unite group, the UU Business group, the Solar Geomagnetic Gardening Group etc… From next weekend forward, the links to take part in the UnFuckIt Discussions, Astrology 2.0 and Transpicuous shows will only be available to members on UnFuckers Unite.