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The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 27 2024

Well darlins….  what about that bridge eh?  Isn’t it interesting that suddenly, no one is talking about the terrorist attack in Moscow, or the fact that Israel just told the world to fuck off and that they’ll blow up whoever they want, or that P Diddy had his very own Epstein Island and was into human trafficking on a large scale…. isn’t the timing just oh so funny?  Wow.  Whatever could they be trying to distract us from?  The fact that global finances are on the verge of a complete collapse?  That the billionaires are selling off all their stocks?  That the British royal family is seemingly disappearing?  That in the US multiple states are calling in the national guard, and warning about “being prepared” for the eclipse?  That the Canadian RCMP are warning that the Canucks have just about had enough and are about to bootstomp parliament?  That the whole world is finally starting to realize what the “lockdowns” and the covid “vaccine” really did too them?…..

…..  yea…. let’s all talk about a bridge.