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The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 6th 2024

This weeks UnFuckIt Discussion, from Wednesday March 6th 2024

“As the stomach turns”….. it’s like a really really bad soap opera.  Reality that is.  Except that if anyone had the gumption to write a screen play that was this bad… no one would accept it to be made into a show or a movie.  I mean…. just look at the leading characters!  And the story line is sooooooo transparent.

Side note: RTS Earth was under Ddos attack again this week and was down for two days.  I managed to get it back up, but it was a bit sketchy while I moved the website to yet another server. will also be getting moved in the next week, so if you cannot get UU to load, don’t worry…. it’s just traveling to it’s new home!