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X Class Solar Flare and incoming CME

Well darlins, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a solar update article, but yesterday’s X Class solar flare definitely deserves a bit of a heads up. This activity is the first real kickoff to solar cycle 25, and it’s only going to get more “active” as we move into the next year or two.

Over the past few days our sun has been doing the tango, with 4 active sunspots kicking out a multitude of C class solar flares.  Starting on October 5th with a series of 3  C Class flares that were apparently just the warm up stretches before heading into the marathon dance competition.  Between Oct 25 to 28, we’ve seen 42 C Class flares, and 4 M Class flares, culminating in the  X 1.0 solar flare late yesterday afternoon just after 1500 UTC.  Today, Oct 29th as of 10:30am UTC, we’ve already had 3 C Class flares and 1 M Class flare.

Yesterdays X 1.0 Class solar flare was directly earth facing, and had immediate impact on our little blue marble, causing extensive radio black outs, and generating a minor Radiation storm, and a proton storm- both of which had spectacular effects and the Earth’s Poles, both north and south.  The X 1.0 flare also kicked off an almost full halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that is heading directly Earth facing and should generate a G3 or 4 level geomagnetic storm that could reach KP 7 or 8 sometime late Saturday night into Oct 31st day. There is a good chance that we may see some spectacular “northern lights” aurora displays even at lower latitudes…..Happy Halloween everyone!

Further to the ongoing solar flares on the Sun, Earth’s geomagnetic field has been hovering around 0KP for over 48 hours.  This is, in my opinion, a real danger spot, as jumps from 0KP to 6 or even 7 KP tomorrow will be shocking to say the least. Heads up darlins!

This is just the kick off to Solar Cycle 25 my friends.  We are now heading into a time of a very active Sol, and with our very weakened geomagnetic shield, the interference from these incoming solar flares, CMEs, Proton, and Radiation storms could be wildly felt across the planet- not just effecting our technology (don’t be surprised if your computer and printer refuse to talk to each other Saturday night into Sunday, or that your GPS has a seizure), but also effecting our own physiology.  I’ve talked about the effects of geomagnetic storms and cosmic rays/radiation storms on our physical (and emotional and mental) bodies.  This is not “conspiracy theories”, this is hard factual science that has been proven over and over again.  Knowing what’s coming gives us time to be alert to the signs and symptoms of the effects of these events on ourselves, family, friends, and even our pets.

Heart attacks, Arrhythmia, Peri and Myocarditis, Strokes, Seizures, mental & emotional breakdowns, and suicides are all direct effects during solar events.  I’ve added a NASA image that gives a bit more information on this.

As we’re heading into a very active solar cycle, I’ll be doing more updates on this topic, and I will probably be doing a zoom call this Tuesday, Nov 2nd at 9pm UK time to discuss this topic, with a focus on the physical effects, the cycles of these events as seen through history, and  (if I have time) the historical records that tie Solar Events, with natural “disasters, Climate change and yes… the “Plague”.

I’ll post an update as we learn more about what’s happening.

I suggest keeping an eye on Suspicious Observers, Ben Davidsons  daily reports.  I may not always agree with Ben’s “conclusions”, but his research is impeccable on this subject.