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The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 16th & 23rd 2022

HI Darlins!  I’m back again!!  Sorry for the lack of content for the past few weeks, but my big ol’ work horse computer completely died a few weeks ago, and it’s taken quite a while to gather up all the parts necessary to build a brand new computer. Last night was the first UnFuckIt discussion with the new computer and we had a flawless run!! Now that I have a working computer back up and running with all the video editing software I need…. I’m putting out last nights UnFuckIt Discussion, and last weeks UFI Discussion right here. I will be working on getting all the private members chats uploaded to our server later today.

….I missed you guys!!!


PS:  All the UU Members chats have been loaded and embedded into one post on

UnFuckIt Discussion Wed March 23 2022



UnFuckIt Discussion, Wed March 16th 2022