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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 27 2023

Between it being a full moon over Christmas, Mercury in Retrograde, and of course being in that “time outside of time” between Dec 21 until around Jan 5th…. weirdness abounds!!  People and pets are dropping, everyone is “sick”, and technology is…. well, it’s definitely “ill” at the moment too.  I highly doubt that any of last nights show will go up on YouTube…. we opened with a discussion about the insanity of the past almost 4 years- who should be held responsible, and who should be held to account for pushing narratives that have all but destroyed life as we know it since 2020. We also talked about AI, and it’s role in the coming changes.

2024 is going to be absolutely insane, and I hope that everyone is prepared for the level of “crazy” that’s about to hit us!

NOTE:  The UnFuckers Members New Years Eve Party returns this year!  The zoom link has already been posted in!