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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 17 2022

Last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion I opened with a short solar events report:  Yesterday evening heralded the beginning of multiple solar events- with 2 separate incoming multiple CME’s hitting within a day or so of each other, and a high speed coronal hole solar particle stream all at the same time.  The passage of the first rounds of CMEs was marked by a jump to a G2 level geomagnetic storm that hit last night around 8:30pm UTC …. just in time to play fucky games with my internet it seems, lol.  The UnFuckers got into the latest bullshittery in the news, including the fact that basically the UK government is paying British Gas around 8 BILLION pounds of taxpayers money, as a reported “emergency aid” package to “help households” deal with the increase in energy costs this Oct…. it basically works out to subsidizing £66 pounds a month on our energy bills for 6 months.  Is that nice of the government to give the corporation that’s CAUSING all this shit, who made millions and millions in profits so far this year, some more money?!?  FFS… you seriously can’t make this shit up!!