The UnFuckIt Discussion, June 28th 2023

After our usual ramble through the latest bullshit that’s going on around the world, the UnFuckers got into an interesting discussion about history- specifically the “orphan trains”, and the common social “norms” of the times in the 1800’s etc…  Life then was vastly different than it is now, and I’m not talking about “technological” advancements. We also discussed the destruction of the family unit, and of course on a greater scale, the neighborhood/community units as well.

I have launched a new video series called “Removing the Shackles”, which is available to watch for members of UnFuckers Unite, and on Archaix TV.  So far I’ve put out 11 episodes discussing the historical aspects of “health” and the corruption of the medical associations- it’s not a new thing!- and several videos discussing various herbs, their uses, and how to prepare them! Oh and showing of the old books I’ve been collecting- and discussing the amazing amount of knowledge that’s contained in these books.

I have launched a Podia account where I have uploaded several of these historical books in pdf format so that people can download them for their own library- Many of the books are free, with a few rarer books & collections ranging in price from $3-10. I am adding more books to the platform almost daily!

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