The Soul that Chains the Spirit?

This is an older article by Tom Montalk from 2009.  I’d actually read this many years ago and just this morning it was posted in the UU group and I read through it again, but from a different perspective this time.

We’ve talked for years now about the “Bots” or “Backdrop People”, and the sociopaths/psychopaths that seem to be in all positions of power on this planet.  Who are they?  What are they? How are they?  etc… and of course the fact remains that regardless of all our discussions or theories, no one really KNOWS the Facts.  During most of these conversations we’ve bandied around words like “Souless”  and the theory that these people are lacking in a certain something that makes them fully….. human beings?  Last Sunday on Transpicuous Views, we got into the conversation of the difference between the “Soul” and what we could call “spirit” or “eternal consciousness”.  We really only scratched the surface of this subject, but it opened the door to ask some deeper questions, for example, about the “control structures” that have been put in place in this reality.  We talked about the Vatican and the Papal decrees that have claimed “ownership of every human soul” (and country and corporation), but the question still remains:  what is the “soul”, and is it a natural part of our “Being” or is it a part of the control construct itself.?

When this article from Montalk came up this morning, I was immediately drawn to his discussion about “Soul” and “Spirit” and the “bots”.  But it brings up even more questions to the surface and highlights certain things that have really been “pinging” me as very relevant and worth noting lately. We’re definitely going to have to dig into this over the next little while and I have a feeling that there will be several zoom discussions on these topics very soon!

Here is part of the Montalk article that I wanted to pass on to everyone:

Spiritless Humans » 27 April 09

Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness.

Over the years I have received emails from readers who came to this same conclusion. They noticed that some people were strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors.


The idea of empty people first dawned on me in 1999 after having done much research into sociopaths and psychopaths, their condition being medically known as APD or “Antisocial Personality Disorder.” My interest in the subject grew out of having been forced for many years to suffer under someone whom I later learned had all the signs of being a sociopath. Heartless and soulless were descriptive terms, but little did I know just how literally true they were. I had noticed in this person an emptiness behind the eyes and a very shallow conscious essence, which seemed to be at the root of the behaviors I observed.

Eventually I realized that this same root condition was present in some others who were not outwardly sociopathic, but whose lack of heart was masked by a well-adapted social exterior. In other words, what psychiatry would diagnose as APD was only the more extreme, criminal, sloppy manifestation of a condition that otherwise expressed itself more widely in a socially acceptable and less incriminating manner. The latter is what may account for the body of empty people present in the population.

But what exactly is missing in them? The answer is clear if we look at their common behaviors and qualities of consciousness.

Behavioral and Psychic Characteristics

Their behavior tends toward being glib, shallow, egotistical, narcissistic, mundane, predatory, and materialistic. Sometimes these traits are camouflaged by a polished social exterior, but anyone with a discerning eye can see through the disguise. They lack individuality, independent thinking, and are strongly biased toward holding a herd mentality. They lack comprehension of anything beyond the material sphere of the five senses, and have no interest in such metaphysical matters except as flashy accessories to boost their social image. They also appear entirely incapable of empathy, soul-searching, and willful self-sacrifice. Nevertheless, in the presence of others they can put on a flashy show of concern, distress, or altruism for purposes of social manipulation; for example, crocodile tears to elicit sympathy, or doing something nice for another solely to guilt trip them later and extort a favor.

Psychically scanning their consciousness reveals something interesting. There is a certain simplicity, flatness, and inertness to their essence, even if their intellects are highly developed. Unlike other people, their conscious energy is more diffuse, dull, impermanent, and amorphous rather than solid, sparkling, crystallized, and concentrated. Put another way, their minds are like sand castles instead of real castles. There is something animalistic and rudimentary piloting their bodies. It seems they have conscious awareness just as plants and animals do, but not conscious self-awareness as humans are supposed to have. There is an important difference between awareness and self-awareness.

Spirit: The Missing Component

The missing factor must be something that endows a being with self-awareness, volition, and the capacity to value transcendental ideals. This goes beyond mere physical factors like missing portions of the brain, defective genetics, or a poor upbringing, because the latter are just defects in the hardware and programming of the biological machine, whereas the problem here involves the consciousness operating the machine. What intuitive or clairvoyant perception picks up about their consciousness involves metaphysical factors instead.

What to call this higher component of consciousness absent in some people? Usually it would be called the soul, but that has caused too much confusion in the past. For example, casual readers unfamiliar with the proper definition of “soulless” thought it meant “completely devoid of consciousness” when in reality it meant “devoid of individualized consciousness.” No, they do have some kind of soul energy by virtue of being alive, but the soul is not imbued with a higher spark of true sentience and self-awareness.

Therefore I will call this higher spark “spirit” and define it as follows: spirit is the core of individualized consciousness, that permanent aspect of one’s being representing the true Self, which accumulates experiences and spiritual wisdom throughout life, survives physical death, and remains intact upon reincarnating to continue growing toward the fulfillment of its potential. It is the divine god-spark, the seat of freewill, the holographic fragment of the Creator residing at the very center of your being, the “I” that is you, the inner conscious observer capable of observing even its own self-observation.

It seems not all humans have spirit. Therefore they have no self-awareness, individuality, wisdom, empathy, creative intelligence, or conscience. What further confirms this hypothesis is that, as will be discussed below, one may observe a total absence of destiny, synchronicity, symbolic dreams, spiritual lessons, soul growth, and karma in their lives. This is to be expected if they have nothing permanent in them that survives death and reincarnates, because only spirit can gain from such things. Without spirit, they are temporary beings whose awareness forms shortly before birth and dissolves shortly after death. And if so, then for them, spiritual life lessons serve no purpose, karma from past lives does not exist, there is no higher Self acting as chaperone, nor would they have genuine interest in anything that serves a purpose beyond their current mortal existence. Therefore it is to be expected that they be particularly materialistic, worldly, and mundane in their ambitions; observation confirms this as well.

Other Components

How can we better understand all this? By understanding the various components and how they combine to make the whole of a being, we can grasp the numerous differences and similarities between spirited and spiritless humans1.

Aside from spirit, the other components are body and soul. Soul is the nonphysical energetic interface between body and spirit. Occultists divide the soul into the etheric and astral bodies. The aforementioned “empty” people have bodies and souls, but not spirits. In this way it is clear that they have some kind of conscious energy, but not the permanent core that retains continuity through incarnations.

The soul consists of two components, the etheric and astral. The etheric component is a quantum biasing field that keeps the physical body from entropic disintegration. Or to put it more simply, it is life-force energy that keeps the body from decaying. The astral component is more abstract and intangible. It functions as the seat of consciously experienced feelings and passions. Feelings are not just chemical reactions in the brain, nor are they abstract thoughts in the mind. Rather they are vivid energies residing somewhere in between, and that buffer zone between the completely physical and completely metaphysical is the astral component of the soul.


Further into the article Montalk discusses several attributes of the “soul”, and definitions of Karma and the Chakras, which I very much disagree with, BUT I think I comprehend where the misconception may lie:


Karma (the negative type) is simply a spiritual debt or imbalance acquired upon violating the freewill of oneself or another. Violating your own freewill happens when you make a choice during an ignorant state, like when identifying with the ego and acting upon its impulses, that violates a choice made during a more spiritually sober state.

Upon committing a freewill violation, the higher spirit-associated aspect of consciousness regrets the error and makes a commitment to redress it, even if the lower ego-associated aspect tries to ignore this. The karmic imbalance then attracts experiences that teach a lesson correcting that ignorance, whether in this life or the next. The lesson learned is universal and does not require memory of the original choice that provoked it, just understanding of the lesson. The karmic experience itself is not what is fated, rather the lesson learned, therefore karma can sometimes be mitigated through pre-emptive understanding and forgiveness without necessarily needing to learn it the hard way through experience.

…Chakras are vortical energy centers linking soul with body, and linking spirit and body through the soul. Each center coincides positionally with the major glands of the physical body, and each serves a different behavioral function….



Ok think about it this way:  WHAT IF…. the “Soul” IS a control mechanism of the Construct? WHAT IF it is the interface that has been inserted between our physical consciousness and our “Spirit” or “Eternal Consciousness”?  And “Karma” is the “rinse and repeat” cycle that we have been forced into over and over again?  The so called “Reset” button that kicks in after death?  And the Chakras are the control mechanism that runs the programming- is the physical (sort of) database of the “Soul” controlling interface, and the collector or harvester of our “energy”?

We’ve discussed, especially for the past year or so, that Chakras are not natural to our existence, not part of our original being, and could very well be part of the control structure.  We’ve also had the same conversation about Karma- that its’ not a natural cycle of our eternal consciousness, but actually, again, part of the control structure that keeps us literally under the veil of “forget everything” to be continuously run through the Rinse & Repeat cycle.  To be harvested?

As I asked on Sunday’s TV show:  Is the “Soul” the “contract”, or “Interface”  that the Vatican (and it’s controllers) have used to keep us locked into this reality of Rinse & Repeat and continual harvesting? We’ve heard about “Soul contracts” from multiple sources- from the “New Age” to various traditional religious texts.  Every time this subject has been brought up as  an excuse for something happening NOW, or as a “reason” for a persons experiences and suffering, I have always had an instantaneous reaction of “Not fuckin way!”.  I do not believe that any such “contract” can be legitimately held over a person.  Ahhh but the key word is “Legitimately”.  IF the “Soul” is part of the constructed/false control mechanism that has been used to control and harvest us, then the very nature of these “soul contracts” must be illegitimate.

Now, if there is one thing we all know about, it’s illegal/illegitimate contracts- such as our Birth Certificate, Drivers Licences, Mortgages etc….  The Question then returns to the focus that many of us had back in 2012/13:  HOW do we break free from Illegal, Unlawful, Illegitimate Contracts and FREE ourselves from “The System”?

Hmmmmmmm……. As I said, definitely something to really think about.


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