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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sugust 31 2022

Welcome to the planet of Totally Fucked!  Where the people mean nothing compared to the virtue signaling of the government retards that do things like ban the sale of gas/petrol and diesel vehicles, and then tell people that they can’t charge their electric cars.  Where morons like Boris make public statements about people having to chose between eating or being warm.  Where mom and pop shops, pubs, cafes and small & large business are getting hit with electricity/gas bills that have increased by 800-1000%, while the power companies brag about earning never before seen profits in the billions of dollars.  I hope you’re all prepared and prepped folks, because winter IS coming and it’s riding on the back of zombie vampires that are trying to suck the last urges of life out of the general populous.


Our good friend Meghan, from our Astrology 101 show, popped in to talk about what’s happening right now, and to give us a glimpse of the absolute fuckery we’re about to be hit with in October.

Buckle up buttercups, we’re about to take a ride on the Insanity Train.  If you haven’t heeding the warnings I’ve been putting out for years that it’s time to “Be Prepared”, I strongly suggest you start re-evaluating your lifestyle and “beliefs”, ’cause shits about to get real.