UnFuckIt Discussion, July 4th 2018

  Solar radiation, galactic cosmic rays, UVA/B, geomagnetics, electrical fields, equatorial regions, chemtrails, CERN, the frequencies of light…. or the light of frequencies…. Yea…. it was one of “those” discussions!!   d         Some interesting articles to note: http://www.ibtimes.com/sun-may-be-dimming-nasa-confirm-declining-luminosity-using-spacexs-payload-2629453 https://astronomynow.com/2018/07/04/nustar-x-ray-telescope-shows-eta-carinae-source-of-cosmic-rays/          

UnFuckIt Discussion: June 20th 2018

Another week, more fuckery, more insanity, lol.  Last night we talked about “Time” and referenced some of the topics brought up by the movie “Inception” that the UnFuckers watched together on Sunday night.  Ben and I also got into the “time” vs “currency”, “magnetic” vs “electrical” energy systems… it get’s a bit woo woo out there for a while, lol. …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: May 30th 2018

UnFuckers just gotta rant 😀  and so we did.  Yet another week of complete insanity, on every level imaginable!  Weird dreams, getting knocked out, exhaustion, mentally challenged, physically challenged… and I didn’t even gonna get into the politics or other media circus bullshit!! Heads up: UnFuckers Movie Night is coming up- date to be announced!!  We’re going to watch the …

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UnFuckIt June 28th 2017, with Randy Maugans

I don’t usually make our UnFuckIt discussions “public”, but last nights chat with Randy Maugans, from Off Planet Radio, was an exceptional one.  Last night Randy and I and the UnFuckers dug into the whole “2013 loop” question, and really took a look at what we are seeing and sensing is going on around us, not just now in this …

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