Solar Xray “Dips” Disappear?

Earlier this month I brought up a very unusual phenomena that I haven’t seen before in all my years of watching the Solar Live Feeds:  The appearance of what I called the X-Ray “Dips” that appeared on February 27th 2018 and continued every single day, at the exact same time….. until TODAY.  Now… was today just an anomaly?  I’ll be closely watching to see over the next few days.

What was interesting and immediately spiked my interest was that yesterday we experienced pretty much the first set of Solar flares we’ve seen since “The Dip” began.

…I still haven’t found any correlating data that explains this “Dip”- so the floor is wide open to ideas, theories, or even completely irrational suppositions.



No directly Earth Facing Coronal Holes:

Sol is a dead zone with only one small active  sun spot just rotating in

And the Solar Winds are sitting around 450- which is normal…. 

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