You are currently viewing RTS: Who Wrote These Books?  … *hint* NOT humans!

RTS: Who Wrote These Books? … *hint* NOT humans!


AI Chat bots are now writing books.  And not just any books- they are writing books that could literally KILL people!

We’re living in a dangerous time my friends.  Most of us know all about the horrors of the education system, the medical system, the political system, the financial system, etc….  We KNOW that “they” are trying to change history continuously, to bend to fit into their narratives and agendas….

….But we’ve now reached yet another critical point of insanity.   It comes in the form of  AI.

No, I’m not talking about Skynet type AI, nor the piles of other movies and books that showcase Artificial Intelligence as come in to take over the world. (Although…….).  No, I’m talking about the slick and slimy AI that is currently infecting every aspect of “creativity”, from Art, to music, to videos….. and now has reached critical point where it’s not just about “AI taking over from creative humans”.  It’s not about physical dangers that are being propagated across the world in real time…..

I recorded this video earlier this week to expose just how dangerous these AI written books are.  Be Safe, Be Aware, and do your RESEARCH before buying ANY book that’s been written in the past year, if not even earlier.