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The Fires that Burn- agenda 21? I don’t think so….

My friends, not everything is “Agenda 21”. As I spoke about in a Transpicuous Views show earlier this month, we’ve been programmed to throw everything into this one basket- it’s the catch all response to why anything bad is happening. We’ve fallen into a pattern of blaming everything on something. Like I said during the show, 3 years ago everything was CERNs fault- it didn’t matter of it was the mandela effect, brainwashing, earthquakes, volcanoes, headaches, violent rages… it was all CERN. Now, everything is 5Gs fault- the same headaches, brainwashing, violent rages…. And all of these things are constantly tossed into the “Agenda 21” basket.
There are forest fires raging all over the planet. Sure… we can blame “agenda 21”, or we can look closely at what’s going on. Massive droughts- not just for a single season, but ongoing for sometimes multiple years. We are having electrical storms and lightening strikes unlike anything ever seen before- 120 thousand strikes in just a single hour in Europe just two weeks ago. I grew up learning about forest fires because we spent our summers in northern Ontario. We are always told to watch for lightening strikes because…. they are the biggest cause of forest fires. Now take forests that have been suffering from a lack of water, and slam it with a billion volts of electrical discharge…… boom!
We are also seeing ground lightening unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before. Lightening appearing with clear skys…. because it’s discharging from the ground!! Now imagine again, dry dry forests discharging massive amounts of electrical energy….?
Our magnetic shield around our planet is at it’s lowest levels ever, and is even momentarily disappearing from time to time. As we’ve discussed during many shows, the earths magnetic are directly tied to the earths electrical fields- when one goes crazy, so does the other. This is what, in my opinion, is causing the massive electrical discharges we are seeing globally right now.
We are also seeing massive amounts of ultra violet light hitting the earth- UV-A, UV-B and even UV-C. This UV light is frying us- quite literally at the moment- it’s also frying the plants and trees. We are also being bombarded by other cosmic rays that NONE of the major agencies are talking about, so we quite literally have almost know information or research on how these cosmic rays are effecting us and our planet.
We are seeing  huge climate shifting taking place, (note: I didn’t say the dirty words “climate change” or “global warming”), and not just here on our planet, but through out the entire solar system (hence one of the reasons that we know that “Man-Made CO2 is NOT the cause of the substantial changes in our weather patterns).  The oceans currents and air currents are radically changing, which are also causing huge changes in our weather patterns as well- along with radical changes in the oceans waters….
These things are not “man made”.  And every time we lob a pile of them into a single basket, we are ignoring whats actually going on around us.  This is a very dangerous mind set in my opinion.  When we  give “them” all the “power” to do these things to us, we are ignoring the much greater truths that are sometimes much harder to swallow….
… as I said during that Transpicuous News show a few weeks ago:  I think that the alternative media has been very deeply co-opted to construct these memes, to plant this catch-all basket of blame onto something that is tangible, and can be held “accountable”.  When the blame for these things is placed onto men- on governments, on “bad guys”, on “shadow agencies”, even on ET… then in a way the groups that are awake and figuring all the bullshit out, are neutralized from digging too deeply or asking too many questions.  Instead, they just follow the idea that it’s all (in this case) “Agenda 21”.
We need to be looking deeper than this my friends.  We need to stop being distracted by the disinformation and diversions and start really LOOKING at what is going on around us.  We need to stop blaming the catch-all bad guys agendas, and REALLY start paying attention.
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