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Earth’s Magnetic field is changing “dangerously”


I want to direct everyone’s attention to this excellent video put out by Evolutionary Energy Arts

This video does an excellent job of connecting the dots of all the recent events and really puts into perspective the moves by US Congress to try and label these events as “hacking” (by Russia or Iran, lol), when anyone who follows my work knows that these power outages, GPS satellites and apps, strange lights in the sky etc… are NOT being caused by “hackers” but are visual and physical proof of the changes in our magnetospheric shields and the atmospheric changes that are happening globally.

This is not “HAARP” or chemtrails, or hackers or CERN that are causing these events.  But it seems that Congress- and several other major governmental organizations globally- that its best to shroud these events in labels that the public can swallow and that support their current agendas (ie: anti-Russian and anti-Iranian propaganda).  Announcements to “be prepared” with food, water, petrol/gas, medications etc for days, if not weeks and months…. it doesn’t really matter if its “hacking” that brings down the power grid, or a solar event, just as long as they convince people to take responsibility for themselves and their families.

Along with the events mentioned in this excellent video, add to that 2 separate incidences in the past week alone where planes have hit such violent turbulence that many people on board have been injured and had to be evacuated to hospitals for treatment. These incidences are becoming more common- yet the fact that two of these incidences of extreme turbulence coincided with massive power black outs across the world, GPS systems not working, and extremely unusual events showing on the Magnetosphere and Magnetopause real time feeds, to me is a very big indicator that these are all Geomagnetically caused events.