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CERN, news loops to 2015?

Well this feels a little bit “loopish” to me.  A friend send me this link to an article entitled:

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days


Reading the article was like walking into a gigantic Deja Vu moment from start to finish…. didn’t the media push all of this exact same narrative back in Spring of 2015?  I double checked the date on the article- yep, Oct 2020- so I took a little walk through the internet to see if this was actually “new” or simply a rehash from a website just trying to generate hits with splashy headlines.

First step:  Google search “CERN, parallel universe, tiny black holes”


With the exception of the first article on the list, everything article on the first page was dated March-May 2015- exactly as I expected, and I was about to close it up and toss the original article in the “Click bait” category, but I decided to at least take a look at the first link.

The very first article is from CERN’s Website- all official and stuff- and hit all the parameters of the search and again, it echoed of 2015, entitled “Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes”... and there was no date on the article, not only is the article itself not dated, there are no dates mentioned anywhere IN the article itself.  Hmmmmmm… a quick right click and search the page source info and it doesn’t show a published date, but does show that the article was modified: October-14-20, 2:46:53 p.m. … and I can fully admit that I have no idea if I’m reading this info incorrectly…

…Ok now I’m really curious, and I want to know when the article was originally published, because as I said before, it sounds like a complete repeat of the splashy 2015 media hyped narrative.  So I do a search ON the CERN website for “Extra dimensions” and immediately it spits out a list of CERN articles from their website related to the search parameters, and with the exception of the first link, dated 2018, every other article is dated 2015 or earlier, and the 5th link down is exactly the article I’d found on the CERN site: Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes.  AND IT HAS NO FUCKIN’ DATE ON IT!!!…. it’s position in the search is placed right between two articles dated June 2013, and October 2010… in a search list of links that are obviously organized by date of publication.

Next stop is the “wayback machine” and it shows hits for this article title from 2018-2020.

So…… is it just an old article that someone decided to “modify” today, and somehow a bunch of websites decided to republish old narratives about CERN hacking into another universe and our gravity leaking into that other universe causing micro-black holes inside of the LHC, just because it’s a slow news day and they had nothing better to publish?  I’ve compared the original article on the Wayback machine to the “modified” one from today and I cannot find a single change to the article.   It’s strange.  It might be just all a strange coincidence…. but given how freaky weird shit has been happening this past few weeks…. well, I have questions.  Just sayin’.