Transpicuous News: May 25 2021

The latest news in the COVID debauchery - from the CDC changing the rules and hiding the evidence, to the UK's latest turn around- proving yet again that the Conspiracy Investigators were right all along. The world is in upheaval- quite literally- with weather and geophysical events that are astounding..... "Day after Tomorrow" anyone?             Links from…


Transpicuous News: Geomagnetics, Heliobiology, & Magnetic Fields in Medicine

Today on Transpicuous News I discussed the effects of "magnets" and magnetic fields in the area of "viruses" and COVID19, the biological effects of geomagnetics and solar events on human (and animal and plant) biology, and debunked the "fact checkers", lol.  A couple of books you might…

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Transpicuous News May 19 2021

The latest insanity across our planet: is it The Onion? or is it CNN? Satire has become our reality. The latest Bill Gates bullshit, cancel culture out of control, and who's trying to take over the planet this week... it's all in this TN Report!!…


Transpicuous News May 13 2021

The Insanity is almost painful.....  The latest in Covid fuckery, Generals writings letters to their governments, Gas "shortages", Ransomware, Dracula's Castle gets a makeover, and The Clowns team up to tell you everything you need to know about "The Jab".... all this and more in this installment of "2021: the year of Jackasses"       Links for stories from this Episode:…


Transpicuous News, May 8 2021

A special news report, especially for all my UK friends!! The British Government has released a list of the 12, count 'em 12 whole countries that are in the new "Green Zone" that you are "allowed" to travel to!!!


Transpicuous News, May 7 2021

Welcome to the latest news from the ridiculous world we live in.  From Pfizer making bijillions of dollars in just 3 months of Covid Vaccine roll outs, to the major court case that everyone has forgotten about, to the new spin on the Great Reset, to US Space Force wanting to make "super soldiers", and a whole lot more... you just can't…


Transpicuous News May 3 2021

Welcome back to Transpicuous News, as we take a walk through the current craziness across our planet, including the latest Whitehouse insanity, who pays the factcheckers, Australia's authorization to administer covid vaccine....poisons, the latest "Deagel" news, ET's new interstellar research library, and the icebergs that made the world spin wobbly.... and my latest "Theory"!!     Links for this episode of Transpicuous…


Transpicuous News April 28 2021

Welcome to this weeks brand of insanity!  Let's take a walk through the crazy, irrational reality in which we currently reside..... From communist Canada, to Covid marshals in the UK, to Covid vaccine "opps" in France and the US, to John Kerry exposing the fact that the average grade 6 student knows more about our global environment than he does, to the…


Transpicuous News, April 21 2021

Oh the insanity of the world!! From the George Floyd case, to the latest Covid ridiculousness in the UK, to YouTube being awarded a "Freedom of Expression" award, you literally cannot make this shit up!! Welcome to the upsidedown! and for some reason I can't post this link to the article from VaccineImpact about the menstrual problems…


Transpicuous News, April 11 2021

I'm back!  ....sorry, life, the universe, and everything kinda got in the way of putting out videos for a while. Oh the Insanity never ceases, and always increases exponentially!!  Today I put out a brief New Report to touch on just a couple of topics that required a bit of a spotlight on them.  I'll be going into more detail on this…