Transpicuous News, April 21 2021

Oh the insanity of the world!! From the George Floyd case, to the latest Covid ridiculousness in the UK, to YouTube being awarded a “Freedom of Expression” award, you literally cannot make this shit up!! Welcome to the upsidedown!

Isolat Truth Fund

YouTube CEO Wins “Free Expression Award”

and for some reason I can’t post this link to the article from VaccineImpact about the menstrual problems and the Covid Vaccine- please remove the spaces between the “.com” and the  /2021 and copy it into your browser window /2021/women-complaining-of-severe-menstrual-disorders-post-covid-injections-even-if-they-did-not-get-the-shots/

List of things equally ludicrous as YouTube being awarded a “freedom of expression” award:

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