Aliens, Anonymous, and the Army?

… Space, the Final Frontier…..

But seriously, WTF is actually going on here?  I find the timing very interesting to say the least.





First This:

Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens (VIDEO)

Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens (VIDEO)
Hacking collective Anonymous claims US space agency NASA is about to announce the discovery of intelligent alien life.

NASA says aliens are coming!” the group wrote on their website.

Anonymous’ claim is based on a number of recent NASA discoveries coupled with comments made by one of the agency’s spokesmen during a congressional hearing titled ‘Advances in the Search for Life,’ in April.

Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, told the hearing that NASA’s recent advances, such as the discovery of hydrogen in Saturn’s moon Enceladus and the Hubble team’s promising results from the oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, are promising signs that we’re closer than ever to discovering evidence of alien life…..

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Preparing For War? US House Wants To Create First New Military Branch Since 1947

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There’s currently a push in the halls of Washington D.C., to establish a new branch of the military by 2019, one whose focus would be operations among the stars. Proposed legislation by House representatives would create a “Space Corps” that would serve “as a separate military service within the Department of the Air Force.”

 It would be the first branch added to the military since 1947 when the Air Force was officially established.

On Tuesday, the top two lawmakers of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Representatives Mike Rogers and Jim Cooper, added the legislation to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The subcommittee oversees military space operations and works within the umbrella of the House Armed Services Committee….

…Whether or not the legislation makes the cut, however, it should be noted that the idea of militarizing space is nothing new for the United States. As Anti-Media has reported, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work stated at a conference back in 2015 that space must “be considered a contested operational domain in ways that we haven’t had to think about in the past.”


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And if you want some (highly biased, lol) reading about the US and their “Space” intents, this site has some rather interesting pieces of information:


Below is a PDF of the entire Bill, but here are a few interesting excerpts from it with regards to the new “Space Corps”

3 (a) CERTIFICATION.—Not later than January 1,
4 2019, the Secretary of the Air Force shall certify to the
5 congressional defense committees that the Space Corps
6 under chapter 809 of title 10, United States Code, as
7 added by subsection (b), is established….

…‘‘(b) COMPOSITION.—The Space Corps shall be com-
4 posed of the following:
5 ‘‘(1) The Chief of Staff of the Space Corps.
6 ‘‘(2) Such other offices and officials as may be
7 established by law or as the Secretary of the Air
8 Force, in consultation with the Chief of Staff of the
9 Space Corps, may establish or designate.
10 ‘‘(c) DUTIES.—Except as otherwise specifically pre-
11 scribed by law, the Space Corps shall be organized in such
12 manner, and the members of the Space Corps shall per-
13 form, such duties and have such titles, as the Secretary
14 may prescribe. Such duties shall include—
15 ‘‘(1) protecting the interests of the United
16 States in space;
17 ‘‘(2) deterring aggression in, from, and through
18 space;
19 ‘‘(3) providing combat-ready space forces that
20 enable the commanders of the combatant commands
21 to fight and win wars;
22 ‘‘(4) organizing, training, and equipping space
23 forces; and
1 ‘‘(5) conducting space operations of the Space
2 Corps under the command of the Commander of the
3 United States Space Command.


H.R. 2810—FY18 NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION BILL by breakingthesilence on Scribd


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