C60 and You: A Gaea’s Garden Live Stream Presentation


Last night we hosted a Live Streamed event for Gaea’s Garden: C60 and You

I spent a short time explaining what C60 is to those people who are new to “C60 Fullerenes” and wondering what all the hype is about. I discussed the research that has led me to my current focus with C60, and that is the high amounts of radiation and cosmic rays that are currently bombarding our planet and using C60 fullerenes to not only protect from this radiation but to heal damage already done- through topical application and taking C60 as a supplement.

After the Live Stream portion of the Presentation ended, I talked to our private members and answered questions. This portion of the discussion is only available to Private Members of Gaea’s Garden or the UU Membership. If you would like to register as a Gaea’s Garden private member, please click HERE to learn all about the benefits of a membership, including the private shop which has special membership pricing, promotions, and special offers, like our newly released UUC60 Blend of oils for pets!




Information about Cosmic Rays and Solar Radiation:











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