Transpicuous News, April 3 2020

COVID19 global updates April 3 2020 Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country CANADA: 85% of Canadian troops ordered into isolation to prepare for COVID-19 operations Canadians stranded in South Africa by COVID-19 could pay $5K for trip home: government CANADA: Agriculture worker conditions in Okanagan a ‘ticking time bomb’ for COVID-19: EU/ITALY: Solidarity (in)action: EU Commission head apologizes to …

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A bit of Levity, April 2 2020

  THESE are AWESOME!!  Check out the creativity! Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings With Stuff They Can Find at Home, Here Are The Results Lockdown in India vs lockdown in USA:  

Transpicuous News April

COVID19 global updates for April 1/2nd 2020 Zerohedge: The World Just Topped 1 Million COVID-19 Infections: Live Updates “It’s A DISASTER Waiting To Happen”: Hours Before Its Start, The Small Business Bailout Is On Verge Of Collapse UK: Phone tracking to curb spread is ruled legal Turkey: Erdogan warns Turkey may tighten measures if ‘voluntary quarantine’ ignored Virus restrictions in …

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UnFuckIt Discussion April 1 2020

Welcome to Week 4 of LockDown 2020!   UnFuckers taking about the insanity that is currently spreading across the world, and Dani has a rant about the new “Viruses are not alive nor contagious” narrative that is sweeping the internet. Check out my daily Transpicuous News COVID19 global updates, keeping track of what the worlds governments are currently doing.   …

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