UnFuckIt Eurasian Edition Mar 10 2019

  Welcome to the UnFuckIt Discussion- the Eurasian Edition that is held once a month at a “decent” time for those of us in Europe and Asia and Oceania 😀 We dug into a LOT of topics today, from the geomagnetics, earth changes, physical symptoms, the WTF/Mandela effect of this past week, and really had a great conversation about listening …

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Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update: March 7th 2019

  Well this certainly has been an interesting week for our planet!  This episode of Transpicuous News begins with a brief geomagnetic update that I covered during last nights UnFuckIt Discussion, then I show you the OTHER ridiculous anomalies from the past few days! Yo Yos in space anyone? d     Links for this episode of Transpicuous News:   …

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UnFuckIt discussion: March 6th 2019

  Last night’s UnFuckIt discussion I opened up with a geomagnetic update on the craziness of the past 36 hours.     https://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/?fbclid=IwAR0bNTdH7F7SqzlkOnAuaz_E1n_RNVYDTa1E3Z1m9Zx7NnNN0AAN5B5r5wk