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What is “Real”?


This video was sent to me earlier this week, and I finally had a moment to review it. In a world where technology is leaping forward seemingly  at light speed, we are seeing “new” alterations to what we perceive as “reality”. I talk quite a bit during shows about literal changes to “reality” that are being seen constantly, but this is a different type of change.

What’s being discussed here is the use of technology- in this case, computer programs that can capture voices and images to create entirely new “footage”. Computer tech that can and IS being used to create fake videos that are very difficult to discern from videos of real events. In this video, Secureteam10 gives a very good outline of how this is being used by people to create porn videos that look like they have main stream Hollywood stars in them. BUT…..

…As I’ve been saying for years, anytime you see technology being released “publicly”, regardless of how “new” its suppose to be, it means that the quintessential “They” have been using this tech for YEARS. Now we are in a situation where we literally have to questions EVERY piece of video that has been used to support main stream agendas, to push our programming buttons, and to propagate the continuation of the Hegelian Dialectic.

……. My ol’ stand-by statement, “Pics, or it didn’t happen”…. has now officially been tossed out the proverbial window.



Nothing Is Real anymore: first 7 minutes….



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