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Venezuela Launches Crypto Petro Currency…..

Well folks, shit is about to get really interesting in South and Central America!! The US has long hogtied Venezuela with crippling sanctions that have all but completely impoverished the entire nation and forced the people into starvation. This is the first “National” level move into Cryptocurrencies- especially ASSET BACKED Cryptos- that has actually been launched.

We hear talk…. lots of “We are going to do it..” from various government talking heads, but Venezuela’s move to not only put the nations oil into a cryptocurrency backing, but to also offer this same Asset Backed Crypto to OTHER countries……Oh yes, it’s about to get very interesting.

….I won’t be surprised if we suddenly see the US start rattling their war sabers in Venezuela’s direction in the next little while. After all, this is basically what Gaddafi was about to do in Libya, by launching a fully gold backed currency for any African Nation to use…. right before the US bombed the shit out of Libya and had Gaddafi killed.

…….. Just sayin’


Venezuela: 82.4M Units of Petro Cryptocurrency Available

The Venezuelan Government has officially announced the pre-sale of the Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency – the first commodity-secured currency of its kind in the world.




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