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UnFuckIt Discussion Sept 4 2019

What the Actual Fuck? … opening discussion topic was a look at the current world/reality that we may or may not exist in. ….’cause seriously? What the actual fucking fuck!! we also discussed the new Unfuckers Business group…

If you’d like to be part of the UnFuckers Business Group discussions, please send me (dani arnold mckenny) or Nancy Lalonde a friend request on facebook- WITH A MESSAGE ASKING US TO ADD YOU TO THE GROUP! ….yes, I’m yelling, lol. If you send me a friend request without a private message there is a 90% chance that I will not accept it. Sorry, it is what it is!  Or on Zoom you can send me a contact request at  d.removingtheshackles (at) hotmail (dot) ca   – (this is a dead email account so please do not email me here!!) with a chat message request to be added to the zoom group.  OR… you can join for all the video calls!