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UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 25 2019

Last night’s UnFuckIt discussion opened with a geomagnetic review of the insanity we witnessed Sept 24 at just after 2am and we segued into talking about the latest “News” from space, with supermassive black holes binge eating, elevators to the moon, and our position crossing the ecliptic of the Galactic Core…. from there I tried to articulate my thoughts on “time” and why I think that time is speeding up so fast, mandela effects blowing up everywhere in people lives, and the strange physical/mental/emotional symptoms we are experiencing.

We do have one answer from last nights questions, about the dips/spikes regularly in the XRay flux from the GOES satellites- this is caused by the satellite being eclipsed by the Earth at this time of year.  Normally we can’t discern the dips/spikes due to all the other xray activity that “hides” them, but as we are in a solar minimum, these dips are very visible:

ps the live feeds for the geomagnetics are STILL down.