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UnFuckIt Discussion Oct 9th 2019


What a crazy world we are stuck in!!!  Last night we talked about the geomagnetic insanity that has been hitting us for the past few days, the political insanity that is a global phenomena, the massive uprisings in Hong Kong, Ecuador, Iraq, Yemen, and of course Paris/France, the PG&E power cuts in California. We also talked about the huge topic of “UFO Disclosure” and all the info that has been coming out in the past year alone. And we get into the “Agenda 21” topic… I know some people will be wildly triggered by what I have to say about the Agenda 21 dialogue, but I ask people to take a moment and really think about what I’m saying here and think about the absurdity of the Georgia Guidestones etc….  There is a war going on at the moment- and we are seeing just a tiny portion of what is playing out.  There is a lot more here that we cannot see, so I refuse to take a one sided approach to the information that we are currently being deluged with.