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UnFuckIt Discussion, March 1 2021

Sorry everyone- the original article for the UFI Show from March 1 somehow…. disappeared into the ether.  Here is the repeat copy of it.

Todays UnFuckIt Discussion flew through a whole pile of topics, from the current state of global insanity, to taking another look at the forecasted population changes by 2025, to the unbelievable corruption of vaccine giants like Pfizer who are literally extorting governments into signing over their assets, to magnetic pole shifts, incoming cosmic rays, electric universe theory, to health topics like how to get rid of refined sugar in your daily diet, the dangers of psuedo-sweeteners like Aspartame, and the benefits of probiotics and natural lacto-fermented foods. Oh… and chocolate, lol.

For some reason my BrandNewTube channel is not working correctly. I have contacted the tech support but haven’t heard back from them yet. All my videos are also being posted to Bitchute, and Odysee.

The Books mentioned during the show, Genesis Antarctica, and the Book of Miracles, are available in the UnFuckers Library. AND…. further to “Being Prepared” and Prepping, in the UU Library is an extensive collection of Prepping books on a broad spectrum of topics.

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Deagel current forecast for 2025: screen shots from 2015