You are currently viewing UnFuckIt Aftershow discussion: Ben, Nick and Dani hit the science

UnFuckIt Aftershow discussion: Ben, Nick and Dani hit the science


Usually our UnFuckIt Aftershow Discussions are members only content for members of, but this weeks after show conversation was too good not to release publicly!!

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After the Live Stream was closed down we stuck around for our usual “Aftershow” discussion…and it was such a good one, that I am releasing it publicly!! Ben and Nick join us for some serious discussion of Voyager 2’s epic crossing through our solar systems “firewall” and what that means for so called “accepted physics”…. ’cause the electric universe just announced it’s existence in a very very big way!!! This was a fantastic conversation!!



Leak Project interview with Clif High that is mentioned by Nick (side note, we definitely do not agree with some of the stuff Clif talks about during this  show, but his observations about the Electric Universe Theory and Voyager 2 hitting the “firewall” are very interesting and relevant)