You are currently viewing Transpicuous News Global Update April 13/14 2020

Transpicuous News Global Update April 13/14 2020


COVID19 Global Updates


Not COVID19 Related, but my spiteful side just wanted to say “I told you so!!!” :

Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden For President


FINANCE/TRAVEL: Coronavirus pandemic to cost global airlines $314 BILLION in revenue – IATA

Austria, Denmark & Italy tentatively emerge from coronavirus lockdown

China reduces number of people crossing its borders by 90%

India: ‘The value of your lives is supreme’: Modi extends India’s nationwide Covid-19 lockdown until May 3 as country tops 10,000 cases

France: ‘We weren’t prepared’: Macron extends France’s lockdown till May 11

From nanny choppers to police break-ins: Top absurd crackdowns in the fight against Covid-19

Spain lifts lockdown for non-essential workers amid harsh debate & fears of new wave of Covid-19 cases

Pakistan: ‘Biggest worry now is people dying of hunger’: Pakistani PM calls for coronavirus relief package for developing world

Pakistan extends coronavirus lockdown, some industries to reopen in phases

Turkey’s Erdogan rejects interior minister’s resignation after last-minute curfew announcement triggers chaos

FINANCE: Gold price soaring as coronavirus shakes global economy

FINANCE: South Asian nations to face worst economic slump in 40 years as coronavirus cripples economies — World Bank

FINANCE: COVID-19 Could Push An Extra Half A Billion People Into Poverty

HEALTH: Whistleblower: COVID-19 Patients Need Oxygen Therapy Not Ventilator

FINANCE: “It’s The Perfect Storm” – SoftBank Reports Staggering $25 Billion Q1 Loss

USA: Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days, Without Seeing A Single Patient

COVID-19 Chaos: Perfect Cover For Mandatory Biometric ID?

World’s Largest Pork Producer Shutters Key US Factory After COVID-19 Outbreak, Warns Of Shortages

USA FINANCE: Nearly 2 Million Struggling Homeowners Apply For Assistance As Forbearance Explosion Paints Dire Picture

USA: Barter Is Back – Locked-Down Americans Are Swapping Malbec For Masks

HEALTH: Largest US Study Of COVID-19 Admissions Reveals Single Biggest Factor In Hospitalization

US Deficit To Quadruple To $3.8 Trillion; Total Debt Will Surpass World War II Record: CRFB

USA: IRS Deposits First Batch Of Coronavirus Stimulus Payments To Broke Americans

FINANCE: Dow Dumps 800 Points From Sunday Open – Erases Fed “All-In” Spike

FINANCE: One River Asset Management: Without The Fed And Treasury Bailouts, Stocks Would Be Down 50-80%

Half of coronavirus deaths happen in care homes, data from EU suggests