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Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update, July 24th 2019

Last night, before the UnFuckIt Discussion, I did a Geomagnetic update to talk about the crazy events seen July 21 at 2200 that continued into almost the entire day of the 22nd.  As I show on the video, this event was not “solar winds”, “CMEs” or “solar flares”, and was picked up on several different graphs.  And Nope…. don’t have a clue what caused it!!  Right now it’s very easy to fall into the trap of “belief” and picking a specific narrative to define events like this, whether it’s “magnetic pole shifts”, “Nibiru/second sun” or New Age “Wave X”…. I caution people from getting too drawn into any of these specific belief structures because once we pick an answer as a final “THIS is what is causing all this stuff!” conclusion, we may ignore other evidence that is coming out that doesn’t fit into this model/belief/theory.

As usual, all the links to the various sites and graphs I use are below.