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Transpicuous News, Feb 18 2021

I’m back with a Transpicuous News Report after and very long hiatus.

Shit is not always what it seems- as a matter of fact, at this point I think we can say that shit is NEVER what it seems to be, or at least, never what we are told it is.  Main stream media loves to twist and spin doctor the news to suit their agendas, and the alt media is not much better.  Beware the distractions that are being tossed out, because the real story is usually much deeper than we think.  Power outages in Texas and several other states, crazy electricity bills, Big Bank/Wall St collusion, and the fraud of corporations all all being exposed right now.  This “freak storm(s)” are not “man made” my friends, but those controlling the narratives would love you to think that.  Across the planet there are blizzards, arctic freezing temperatures, massive floods, powerful earthquakes, and volcanoes blowing their tops… while everyone is arguing about lock downs and masks.



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