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The UnFuckIt Discussion: The Biggest Mandela Effect EVER!

Last weekend during our Members Chat, I shared the latest rabbitholeofinsanity that I fell down, and I put out that section of the chat publicly:  RTS – The Biggest Mandela Effect EVER!!

This weeks UnFuckIt Discussion I explained for anyone who missed the special video, that this latest Mandela Effect is unbelievably massive:  The Magna Carta was ANNULLED just 3 months after it was signed by King John I and Pope Innocent III!!!!

On the members chat where I first shared this information with the UnFuckers Members, I said then that this was going to be the biggest Mandela Effect we’ve EVER seen.  Not just because of the direct effect on all things “law” and “legal” related directly TO the Magna Carta, but because I felt that this was the opening salvo of some MAJOR CHANGES that we were going to see, that rippled down from this Annulment of the Magna Carta.

…. and holy shit I wasn’t wrong!!  In the UnFuckIt Discussion I discussed the latest events as they played out for me during the week, and the unbelievable changes that we’ve discovered in Black’s Law Dictionary (4th, 5th and 9th editions that we’ve managed to check physical copies of so far), and I discussed where this might be leading in the future of this reality.

Blacks Law Dictionary no longer contains the definitions of: “Human”, “Human Rights”  or “DNA”

Not only that, but I have now seen a type of Mandela Effect I have NEVER in all my years of studying MEs EVER seen before:  A screenshot taken and posted in 2016 of Blacks Law Dictionary’s definition of “Human” is now BLANK!!  The screen shot exists, the photo of the screenshot exists still, but the screenshot is literally a white square…. as if the words were erased out of the screenshot!!!!

Needless to say, there are a whole lot of us digging further into this and watching for further changes in “law” and “legal” realms.   Hold onto your hats darlins…. this ride is seriously about to get very Very Bumpy!!

Below are the screenshots and video evidence that was sent to me by my friend Ryan.