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UnFuckIt Discussion, March 20 2019


Crazy Crazy Crazyness my friends!!  Last night we opened the discussion with the latest geomagnetic/solar news, and discussed a couple of interesting articles that just came out in the world of science.  Are we capable of feeling magnetic fields?  Of course we are (duh!), but what does that mean in a world with constant geomagnetic anomalies… do people start driving in the wrong direction?  It was an intense discussion last, that’s for sure!

This morning I went to the magnetosphere graphs to take a look at the over night magnetics…. hours have been cut from the feed!





The graph below shows the first solar flare, a C4.8 yesterday, and the second flare that happened over night- a C5.6

As you can see from the graph these are extremely L O N G duration flares, with the activity remaining elevated for the past 24 hours.

X-ray emission of the Sun yesterday and today


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