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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 29 2023

Here is last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion, from Wednesday November 29, 2023.

So…. the Australian Government has put out an “apology”…. not for anything that happened in the past few years, no.  They “apologized for…. Thalidomide.  Yes, earth shattering news out of Australia.  This gives us a basic timeline of when to expect their “apology” for everything they did in the past 3 years: pencil that in for about 60 years from now.

….Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

That and a whole lot more in this weeks UnFuckIt Discussion!

Side note:  If you missed it, last Saturday Nov 25th Ann Callaghan, Dr. Cori Stern, and I officially launched our new health show:  Wellness Naturally. (although technically this was our third episode).  Saturdays topic: Colds & Flus.

And the Saturday before that, Jason Breshears and I got together with the Archaix TV and UnFuckers Private Members to have a chat.  We had a problem with Jason’s audio volume, so I reuploaded a newly edited copy :